Why you should own a suit


Hello world,

I just want to check in with you guys! Lately, I’ve been working on various projects, but a huge one that keeps growing is my new baby @Citygalssociety on IG. I had this project in my heart for a very long time and it is finally coming true slowly. I mean very slowly because you know COVID, but that didn’t stop me from starting. I have been making all these moves and plans that I realized I hadn’t updated my power suit variety. I encourage all my women viewers to have a suit in whatever color makes you feel good in that closet of yours. I know you might think: “I have no office to go to or meeting”. Who cares! It’s a major confidence booster and weather you are going to work, going for groceries, or going to a bar; it looks so cute! You can pair it with your favorite flats or sneakers for a street style and chic look. Or you can glam it up with heels and all the accessories in the world. I am sorry, but whoever told you a suit only belong in an office is wrong! Anyway, I gotta run. I hope you guys follow my new page and love this look.

Suit: Asos

Tank top: Zara

Bag: Chanel

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent

Rings: Dior

Earrings: Roxy Jacenko Accessories 


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