3 tips to master layering

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Hello world,

Fall is coming in and leaving every other day in New York city. We get a few days of somewhere in the 60’s and all of a sudden 80F! I know…global warming sucks! Luckily I shot this look on a crisp fall day in lovely Manhattan. I love layering season because it is truly an art. I feel like in summer anyone can throw on jean shorts and a t-shirt to head out on hot summer days. Fall and winter on the other hand, require a bit more creativity and knowledge in order to look good while not looking like a snowman. I’m going to give you few tips that could change the way you layer from now on:

Tip #1: Always layer with multiple thin fabrics.

I am wearing a long sleeve blouse, a silky dress, and a midi skirt on top of it all. I wouldn’t be able to pull this look off if the materials were too thick because I would look bulky.

Tip #2: Layer things you never thought you could.

Number 1 question I get asked all the time is: “how do you have so much clothes?” The truth is I don’t. I make dresses into shirts, skirts into tops, dresses into skirts, etc. I live in nyc so my closet space isn’t the biggest even if I wanted more clothes!!! I give my clothes so much use by being creative and finding ways to make a combination always look like a brand new outfit.

Tip #3: Layering solids is a good way to start.

If you aren’t a master at layering yet and don’t know how to combine multiple prints/patterns, I would start with solids. When you have a lot of plain/solid clothes is way easier to throw them all together and somehow pull it off. A lot of it comes from playing around in your closet and determining what feels good and what doesn’t. So next time you are wearing that cute dress you really like but it is cold, try wearing your comfy sweater under. Game changer! Be experimental! Make it your goal from now on:)


Headband: Alibaba

Sunglasses: Miu miu

Top: H&M

Yellow Silk Dress: Zara (similar)

Midi Skirt: Kobi Halperin (similar)

Boots: Zara (similar)

Bag: Dior

Gold ring: Ready-Made

Earrings: H&M (similar)


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