Day 2

Santa Clara Moda & Novias



Above you can see my favorite looks from NYFW day 2. I got to attend Style Fashion Week at the Gotham Hall, let me let you one thing, that venue is beautiful. The stage, the runway, and the light were just perfect. The Chilean designer Santa Clara had amazing designs that looked just like a fairy tale. I saw a lot of lace, chiffon, and tulle in her fashion show. Esosa’s show on the other hand was very pumped up! The music was upbeat perfect and their designs were so high fashion 70’s. Super detailed ensembles, from the fabrics, to the shoes, to the accessories.  And at last Quynh Paris! I love her name. Her collection was full of symmetrical patterns and a mixture of pastels and bold colors. I really enjoyed seeing the combination of colors on the runway.

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