How to add color to your closet

My Style

Hello world,

Lately it’s been impossible to stick to normal summer weather attire so you really have to play it by ear. Every morning is full of weather possibilities! Today it was raining during the day and 70s at night so I wore this. I try to stick to colorful pieces to make myself feel like it’s summer in New York, but in reality it’s chilly and breezy. In order to add color in your life you have to figure out what colors make you feel good and make your skin tone stand out. When you try something colorful you immediately know the first five seconds whether the color makes you feel good or not, like love at first sight. I like to stick to colorful solids with unique shapes/asymmetrical or stripes as you can see in this set of photos. I strongly believe that wearing the right set of colors can attract positive energy into your day. For example, when I wear red lipstick I am the most confident in the room or when I wear a colorful blazer there is no one stopping me from getting what I want. Go through your closet and analyze weather your wardrobe needs more color or not. Remember fashion is all about experimenting and playing around to figure what works for you. xoxo

P.S. I uploaded a new Youtube video for you guys to enjoy!

Beret: Forever 21 (similar)

Dress: Zara

Bag: Chanel (similar)

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent



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