How to wear your summer clothes in the fall

My Style

Hello world,

As the seasons change so should your outfits, but what happens if you don’t have new clothes?! Since I own a very tiny closet and very tiny NYC apartment; I have to make miracles happen. In order to get the most out of my clothes, I try to shop for solid colors because you can mix and match much more. In the summer a lot of cute stuff has prints/patterns, but if you buy solids then they probably work for the fall/winter too. Depending on the type of shirt/dress/pant then you can decide whether you can layer it and make it work for the season. For example, the summery maxi dress I am wearing would only work for spring or summer; but I threw a sweater on and made it fall. By pairing this look with black boots and a belt adds an even more bold fall look. The reason I can pull off this look is because the dress is long! I am pretty sure if this was a mini dress I would be cold and look like I belong in California’s fall weather ha! I am literally not wearing anything new in this look, everything was found in my good old closet. Remember to pair things you wouldn’t usually put together to make it seem like you have a huge walk in closet all year haha. At least I’d like to think I do:)

Headband: Alibaba



Belt: H&M

Bag: Zara




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