Why you should invest in good accessories

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Hello world,

We are almost in the middle of June and the weather seems to be more bipolar than me on PMS! Thankfully, it was one of these few random sunny days and I got the opportunity to run out in my new sandals. I visited my family a few weeks ago in San Diego/Tijuana for 10 days and it was amazing! Not only did I bring back local honey from Valle de Guadalupe, but also my amazing faux snake skin heel sandals from Runway Boutique in Tijuana. For my followers from back home, it is a must that you visit their clothing and shoe store because it has so much variety. If you live in Mexico they do deliver all over the country. In terms of my whole look, I came back with California chic vibes for sure. The high waisted jeans that go with lots of combinations, my hopeless romantic Romeo and Juliet t-shirt, and my super cool statement shoes.

Like I always say: invest in good accessories. Shoes, bags, and jewelry will less likely go out of style and you can wear them over and over again. Yes, they can be accessories that are trendy now and out of season later, but usually top designer pieces are timeless. My white Chanel has been through many seasons and various places as well as my new gold rings from Ready-Made. I’ve been wearing their jewelry almost every day since I got it and what I adore is that they promise not to rust/turn green on you! If you like minimalistic good quality jewelry definitely check them out.

Sunglasses are also something I try to buy in classic shapes where I can cover my face with them every day. I do admit that I have statement crazy accessories, but I only wear those once in a while because they are hard to wear just for any occasion. I try to keep things classy, simple, and chic so that I can reuse them 500 times.

P.S. If you haven’t already read my feature on Dress Like Me Magazine then go!!!

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

T-shirt: H&M

Jeans:Revolve- Levis

Shoes: Runway Boutique

Bag: Chanel (similar)

Rings/necklace: Ready-Made




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