How to style platform shoes

My Style

Hello world,

Happy new year everybody! I hope you ended and started this year killing it like I did. I’ve been having lots of work since the end of the year and plan on keeping it going. I have so many plans for this year that I am very excited about. In terms of my outfit, I wore this to a blogger event I attended this week at the Indonesian Consulate in NYC. The event showcased a preview of designers from the Indonesian diversity group that will be at this upcoming NYFW. I personally prefer platform shoes over anything because they are so comfortable to walk in. Many designers like Prada and Gucci always come up with very fun platform shoes to make a statement with. Since it is serious winter in NYC, there is absolutely no way you want to expose your toes or ankles even for a second. Make sure you pair up your open toed shoes with some cute socks or stockings. What I love about these platforms is that they can be transformed into a casual look with jeans, stylish look with socks, or dressy look with a nice cocktail dress. The trick is to play with as many combinations you can think of that you already own in your closet. People always ask me how much clothes I have in my closet; I don’t own that much! There’s no space! haha! Even if I did have space like I did back in San Diego, I would always make tons of combinations to update my looks all the time. I dare you to try new looks this year! Remember to check out my Youtube vlogs that I upload occasionally. 🙂 Stay beautiful!

Dress: H&M

Coat: H&M

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Chanel




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