Winter coat of my dreams

My Style

Hello world,

Guess what guys? The winter is never leaving! 🙂 I love it, but I hate it TBH. I enjoy when the days are cold between 35-40F and even when there is snow. When the weather gets windy or below 30F I pass, because NYC burns when it gets that cold. I was wearing this outfit on the windiest day in AMERICA. Not really, but sort of. We had to move locations due to the wind blowing my hair all over my face, making me look like a monster. This baby blue coat is literally the best coat I’ve ever owned. I feel like Potts made it thinking of me :’). Not only is it cute, but it’s thick and heavy duty for the wind. If there is something you ever need to invest in, it should be a good coat. I was dressed very casual because I was just running around the city. I actually wore a dressier version with this coat to NYFW and everyone was all over my coat with compliments. Moral of the story, winter isn’t gone and you’ve still got to go in search of your dream coat so go!

Sunglasses: Crap Eyewear

Coat: Saks Potts

Mini Bag: Gregorio Sanchez  (Similiar cute one)

Shoes: Reebok ATI’s



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