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Hello world,

As you can see, this isn’t California anymore. I took a little unexpected trip to the state of Utah, and all I can say is that its beautiful. This state is mountains and green forests everywhere look. San Diego hasn’t been cooling down at all so my little escape to a little colder climate helped me a lot. Hot weather for too long makes me cranky and we don’t want that right? So finally I got to layer up as much as I could. As you can see I was wearing a sweatshirt, a lovely coat over it, and a scarf on top of that. Thankfully it was cold enough for all this layering up, we even got a little rain on us! The matching of all these earth colors goes really well together, specially in a cold place like Utah. Fringe is here whether you like it or not. I found these awesome fringe boots at Rue 21 and I couldn’t possibly say no to them because they matched my bag. I love the coat I am wearing because it’s not to thick, allowing me to layer under it. The string around the waist allowed me to adjust it so it could accentuate my waist. The forest green of my plaid scarf is lovely because it’s actually a unisex scarf (I took it from my boyfriend just for a day) and it goes well with these fall colors:) Overall I had lots of fun escaping from the busy city to a quiet fresh air forest. Don’t forget to add me on Snapchat and keep following my live adventures. (nancymoeller) Stay gorgeous!



Scarf: Levis

Coat: Rue 21

Sweatshirt: H&M

Jeans: Reliance Trends

Boots: Rue 21

Bag: Steve Madden



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