Dress up the jumpsuit

My Style

Hello world,

I just got a hair cut and my hair bounces with joy again. As you can see I am wearing a pretty cool jumpsuit that I wore to school. I love the little polka-dot print it has as well as the middle belt that accentuates my waist. I was wearing it with flats but later I upgraded the look. I was running late with not enough time to change my whole outfit, so I decided to throw some open toed booties on. I love these shoes because not only are they black and sexy, they are comfortable! Any time you can’t change your whole outfit, just adapt it. You can change the bag, shoes, or accessories to dress it up or dress it down. What I love about jumpsuits, dresses, or rompers is that they’re an all in one piece. You don’t have to worry about if the pants and the shirt matches when you’re in a rush. Everything came out perfect after shooting and I was on time for a lovely dinner. Don’t forget to add me on my new Snapchat username: nancymoeller. Stay beautiful!

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Heels: French Connection (Bloomingdales)

Watch: Fossil



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