Detox with Your Tea



Hello world,

Some of you have been asking me through Snapchat how my teatox was going, so I decided to write my very first product review. I started my teatox two weeks ago or so and I am very happy with the results because it works! I did the Tiny Tea 14 day detox from Your Tea, and at first I was a little iffy if this was even going to work, but I gave it a try. The tea comes in a cute little box with several individually packed tea bags and pamphlets about their other products that they sell as well. I was a little confused because instead of making the instructions easy to find, they make it a little complicated to find how to drink your tea. Finally, I got to the instructions and on the pamphlet I noticed it says “drink 30 minutes before or after eating, twice daily” and on the teabag it says “consume 30 min prior to a meal, three times daily”. Yes, I know I was confused too. I decided to drink the tea 3 times daily and I noticed changes in my body after the third day. Before I talk about results you must know that my lifestyle is pretty healthy overall. I work out at least three times a week, I eat pretty healthy, drink lots of water, and consume little to no alcohol. If you think that by doing a detox without changing your unhealthy lifestyle is going to make miracles, it’s not. As for my results, I noticed that when I drank my night tea, my belly was be flatter by the morning so I was happy about that. The tea did not give me energy throughout the day what so ever like it says it on the label. I also noticed that my body started smelling weird when I didn’t work out while doing the detox. Make sure not to skip the gym to sweat out toxins faster or else your body is just getting rid of some through your urine. I know that probably no one talks about this, but in order for a true detox to work your body has to get rid of it EVERY toxin which includes waste (poop). 🙂 I noticed that the tea cleansed my stomach really well without making it seem like I had diarrhea, which is good. The more I kept up with the tea, the more I noticed changes in my body. As for the flavor of the tea, it’s very enjoyable and light. Usually strong teas make me nauseous in the morning, but this tea was very tolerable. At the end of the detox, which was this weekend, I noticed that I had lost a little fat on my thighs and my belly. Besides the weird labeling that the tea comes with, I would recommend this tea to anyone who feels like their body needs to get rid of toxins that our bodies like to store. I will now continue eating clean, working out, and wait until my next detox in a couple of months when my body needs it. 🙂

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