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Hello world,

I was prancing and dancing all over the city as you can see in my shoot! I like to keep things fun and interesting for the sake of feeling alive. As for my outfit, I played a little with mixing my print coat from H&M with a patterned denim dress. The key to achieving a good mix of patterns and getting a cool contrast without looking like a crazy person, is by matching the colors. In this look you can see I paired everything with blue tones, and even though I am wearing two different patterns, it looks good! Well, I think it looks good. 🙂 I threw in the fringe nude booties to break out of the blue tones and make them pop, I adore my booties. I love creating new outfits everyday with the same pieces in my closet, you might recognize the denim pieces I am wearing from other shoots. That is what I call magic, using the same thing over and over again but transforming it into many different looks. Next time you are staring at your closet and looking at it like you have nothing to wear I dare you to try matching new pieces that you have never put together before. Trust me, it’s fun!! You might even find things you forgot you had. Well, I’ve said enough for today, I have to study for mid-terms. Wish me luck or pray for me! Either one works haha. Stay awesome and beautiful today.


Coat: H&M

Denim dress & shirt: Forever 21

Bag: Free People

Booties: Vince Camuto

Sunglasses: Ray Ban’s




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