How to wear a pleated midi skirt

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Hello world,

We are in the month of love and friendship <3. Oh el amor! I love it. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day next to your loved ones or forever alone haha. I did a little V-day card for my special ones and had special flowers delivered to my mother’s job. My mom texted me she loved them, you know, since moms don’t call anymore. 🙂 I also organized a surprise V-day shoot for my boyfriend and I, which he was not planning to do at all, but he went for it anyway. You can see the pictures on my IG @Nancymoeller_. As for my OOTD on this photoshoot, I was dressed for a little random date with my lovely kitty a.k.a Chris. I feel like couples should keep going on random dates every now and then without it being a special occasion (V-day, anniversary, etc.). I think titles are not that important, but naming it a date just to go get ice cream together, walking on the beach, or going to the park just makes it exciting for me at least. ❤ (Disclaimer: I am a hopeless romantic stuck in a world with no faith in love) Since there has been a little bit of a Santa Ana wind going on right now in my city I wore this skirt with a crop top. I loved the contrast the polka dots made with the pleated skirt because it just made it pop. You have to be very careful with midi skirts because you can make your outfit look like an old teacher in two seconds, unless you want to, but that’s not what I was aiming for. When choosing how to pair your skirt with a top, go for a contrasting color or pattern if your skirt is plain. If you can pull off the monochromatic look, go for it! I slipped on a pair of my favorite walking heels by French Connection and I was ready to rock downtown in them. As for my ring, it is lovely and it was a gift from one of my BFF’s, it went perfet with my outfit. I hope this post finds you well and brings good vibes to your day. Stay beautiful!

Crop top: Forever 21

Midi Skirt: Macy’s by Bar III

Cross body bag: Zara

Sunglasses: Ray Bans

Shoes: Bloomingdales by French Connection

Ring: Charlotte Russe




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