Mixing Greens

My Style

Hello world,

As many of you know, my birthday was last Tuesday and it was amazing. I am very thankful for all the friends and loved ones that surround me. Everybody that loves me made sure to make that day extra special. As for the look that I am rocking in the pictures, I was going shopping. I found this super light trench coat jacket at Forever 21 and I couldn’t let it stay there. I love that this olive/army green can go with many other styles. I was feeling with the need to dress up just a bit more, therefore I accessorized the look with a hat, sunglasses, and a mini bag. These sunglasses are reflective and sometimes look green and sort of yellowish, and just gave the perfect touch to my outfit. As for my baby mini bag, it was a gift from one of my favorite Mexican designers Gregorio Sanchez. It was my first time wearing it so I took it out for a walk. Thankfully I have new stuff coming to the blog soon as well as new projects and collaborations. I am so excited to let you guys know soon! Woo! Stay young everyone. Follow my dorky self on snapchat: nancymoeller. ❤

Belted Trench Jacket: Forever21

Hat: Moddeals.com

Sunglasses: Forever21

Jeans: 7 for all mankind

Blouse: Zara

Mini Bag: Gregorio Sanchez

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Macy’s)




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