My Style

Hello world,

Sorry for the really really late post you guys but as soon as I came back from beautiful Cancun, things got hectic! I just started my senior year in college and as you can imagine, I am very stressed. Hakuna matata as I like to say. 🙂 Things eventually work out one way or another so I will be fine. As for my pre-birthday celebration, it was awesome! I got to visit the beautiful city of Cancun, Mexico. The beach was perfect, the resort was perfect, the food…. 🙂 As you can see in my pictures I got to witness the amazing pyramid of Chichen Itza. I was feeling kind of grouchy that morning because I had to wake up early to get on the tour bus. Then we found out, just as we got to the pyramids, that our GoPro wasn’t charged. Oh yes! I was upset, but as soon as I saw Chichen Itza a sort of peace clamed me down. I have to admit that the Mayan’s did an absolutely great job building their empire, it’s majestic. Just sitting on the grass staring at that enormous pyramid was calming and worth thinking of all the people who use to surround these. You can’t climb the pyramids anymore for preservation purposes but I am glad that I got to see one of the new 7 wonders of the world! Yay! As for my outfit, it was perfect for the weather. I just threw some shorts, sandals, and this beautiful tunic I found at Banana Republic. The blouse is light and fresh for the suffocating weather we had up there in the pyramids. I had to add a hat for sun protection and because it’s so cute. I love hats! I felt like such a tourist with my 20 cameras, bug repellent, and hat. My outfit was nice, simple, and according to the weather. I hope you got to see my live adventures on Snapchat! If not, add me now! (Nancy Moeller) Follow me on IG for more pictures of my trip and keep tuned. Love ya’ll ❤

Hat: San Diego Hat Company

Blouse: Banana Republic

Short: (they used to be jeans) Charlotte Russe

Sandals: Steve Madden

Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo



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