Everlasting Summer

My Style

Hello world,

It’s November, I live in California, and it’s still 89 degrees outside. This is not normal weather but hey, what can we do. I went on a little road trip to
Santa Monica this weekend and I experienced surprisingly perfect weather at sunset. The air was dry and the beach was full of spectators waiting for the sun show. Around me were runners, cyclists, and people roller skating! Santa Monica Pier is just a super cute place to visit. As you can see my outfit was a very chill and easy to put together look. I got these pants from @opulentkloset and let me tell you that they are super comfortable and in style. I got a couple of compliments walking around the beach in these baby’s. These pants reminded me of the beach clothing patterns I saw everywhere when I was in Bali. I added a solid white tank top to create contrast and used silver accessories to add a gypsy vibe to it. My hat went perfect with the whole look and also covered me from the hot sun that was going on throughout the day! Make sure you own something maroon for this year’s fall/winter looks. It can be from a scarf, to a dress, or something as simple as your nails. 🙂 I had a lot of fun going to the pier, and it was a beautiful night. I hope you keep in touch through Snapchat (Nancy Moeller) and IG (@nancymoeller_)!!! Have a wonderful day!

Hat: Rue 21

Tank top: H&M

Necklace: Forever 21

Pants/Earrings: Opulent Kloset



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