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Hello world,

It was a pretty gorgeous afternoon today and I was feeling a little depressed because the winter doesn’t last in San Diego! To fix my depression I went ahead and got creative with my style. You know how everyone gets that one t-shirt someone brings you as a souvenir? Well, this was my case this time. I finally transformed this Venice t-shirt my grandma brought me back from Europe into something wearable and chic. I mixed stripes with faux leather pants and added red lips to make the look stand out and look a little dressier. You can dress up a t-shirt in so many ways and transform it from being just jeans and shirt. Get creative! I went ahead and cropped the sleeves on the shirt to make it more girly, I felt like they were too long. The accessories I added make the look even more interesting. A gold watch is a must to make a style look more trendy and polished. Having a statement bag in a color other than black or brown adds personality to a style and makes it more fun. In the end I was able to meet my goal and I think it turned out pretty nice. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Hat| Forever 21

Shoes| Charlotte Russe

Bag| Juicy Couture

Shirt| Souvenir from Italy

Pants| Forever 21


Sunglasses| Michael Kors

Lipstick| M.A.C Matte Ruby Woo


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