Light in the darkness

My Style

Hello world,

Its winter, its January, and its a new year! I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as I did. I am so excited to start this year with so many ideas, plans, and future trips. As you can see on my t-shirt that says “What’s on your mind?”, I really have too much going on through my mind with this new year. Lets start of with my pair of faux leather jeans that I got from Forever 21. They are truly my new favorite pants, they are black, perfect fit, and make a good asset for many day and night looks. I dressed this look down for a cute normal day outfit by adding a t-shirt, it just makes it a much more chill look even though I am wearing heels. Talk about the heels! These heels make me feel like I am wearing Cinderella’s slippers, if you know what I mean haha 🙂 Every girl usually owns a pair of nude heels that go with everything, but a pair of nude/clear heels? OMG! you can’t get clearer than that. Like I always say ” you can never go wrong with a blazer”, seriously you can’t. Wearing a blazer for any occasion will always make you look good and classy. If you are ever struggling with a look just throw on the blazer, trust me on this one. I hope you are all off to a good start of the year and just be happy! 🙂

Faux leather pants| Forever 21

T-shirt| H&M

Blazer| Forever 21

Rings| Charlotte Russe

Bag| Dream Control-Ross Dress for Less

Shoes| Shiekh

Lipstick| M.A.C-Matte Ruby Woo


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