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A little getaway to the exotic island of Bali is never a bad idea. I never imagined how beautiful it actually was, until I stepped out of the plane. I couldn’t believe my eyes from all the paradise that was surrounding me, my little trip was a true dream. When fashion coordinating came along, I got excited to use all these fabrics, and styles I usually don’t get to wear in California. I really like wearing neutral colors like beige and white, especially in hot weather. I decided to use these cropped, loose pants with pockets, that went perfect with a pair of rose gold gladiator sandals. I was going to the beach, so I wore my bikini top under this white embroidered crop top, with a chiffon opening in the back. You are probably wondering why I am wearing a pink ugly bracelet on my wrist, but that is because it protected me from mosquito bites on the go:) I wish they had these in the US, they truly saved my life. Anyway, Bali is a must on everyone’s bucket list. If you want to see more pictures of my getaway to Indonesia, you are more than welcome to visit the travel section of my blog.

Pants | Very J

Sandals | Report

Bag | Kenneth Cole Reaction

Top | Mauve

Bikini | H&M

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